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What about tunnels?

We have 20 tunnels on the Faroe Islands - of which the three sub-sea tunnels are the only pay-tunnels. The three subsea tunnels connecting the islands of Vágar (airport) to Streymoy (Tórshavn), Streymoy to Eysturoy and Eysturoy to Borðoy (Klaksvík) are toll roads. Our cars are all equipped with a tunnel “chip”, and the renter does not need to pay the toll fee at the nearest fuel station or the internet, as stated on road signs upon entering these tunnels. Carrent will deduct subsea tunnel fees from your credit card after delivery of the rental car.

Price for at return drive Vágar - Streymoy or Eysturoy - Nordoy is DKK 100,-

Price for at one way drive Streymoy - Eysturoy is DKK 250
,- (Also possible to drive from Strendur, Eysturoy to Rókin, Eysturoy DKK 125,-)

Do I need the extra insurance SCDW?

In case of damage the liability is DKK 7.000,- – this liability can be covered by your credit card, your home insurance or your travel insurance – but not always, that is why we offer you an additional insurance at DKK 120 per rental day and with this insurance your liability will be reduced to DKK 1.000,-

Note that the extra insurance (SCDW) does not cover glass damage, tyre damage and road assistance.

Is there any security deposit?

Yes, we always charge DKK 2.000,- in security deposit.


Is the vehicle checked for damages before I receive it?

We check all vehicles for damages, and they are reported in the car rental contract. But we recommend you to double-check rental car for damages Carrent may have overlooked. Stickers showing ‘Damage reported’ indicate that the damage has been logged with Carrent.

Please note: Should you find any unreported damage on the vehicle, please advise Carrent to re-examine the rental car on your behalf.

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